Streetwise Birds

Where do the domestic ducks seen at public parks come from? I like to think they escaped from somewhere horrible to start a new life.

pond duck3
pond duck

Pictured below are a pair of streetwise geese Muscovy ducks who seem thoroughly urbanized. They know about crosswalks … and … extortion rackets …

cross walk geese
Muscovy ducks

I watched them stalk the lady with the green bag. Later, when she sat down on the grass the three of them shared a nice picnic!


7 thoughts on “Streetwise Birds

  1. I saw a doco about urban birds (David Attenborough?) The thing I loved most was crows who love walnuts, so they drop them on pedestrian crossings for the cars to crush them, and eat when the light favours the pedestrians!


  2. Ducks can be pretty assertive beggars. There are some floating around various spots where folks stop and sit along the lake who will come up and peck your shoes if you don’t share your lunch. “Self assured”… love that!


    1. Downright scary sometimes. I think this woman regularly visits that pair because as soon as they spotted her they waddled over and she smiled the whole time. When she sat down she opened up a tupperware container of grain. I was too shy to ask for the story but it looked pretty sweet. =)


  3. I don’ t like to be pedantic but your geese are actually Muscovy ducks. The ugliest but the most self assured ducks in the world. I used to have one called Daphne. She was a real character.


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