Godzilla: The SHOCKING Truth

godzilla4Even though Godzilla is one of the most recognizable members of the crypto-creatures, Godzilla’s true nature remains a mystery to most. I blame the educational system for our poor observational skills. Think you know the true Godzilla? Pop quiz time!

Let’s start with an easy question: What colour is Godzilla?

The correct answer is not green. Sorry. However, if you did answer green, it is probably not your fault. American market-eers (an unholy cross between privateers and marketers) have consistently misrepresented Godzilla’s image in countless bits of merchandise ranging from movie posters to toys to t shirts. Godzilla is actually a charcoal grey.

Multiple Choice. Godzilla is
a) a lizard
b) a dinosaur (therefore a bird?)
c) an amphibian
d) a mammal

The correct answer is
d) a mammal.

That’s my theory and I am sticking to it. Gojira is a portmanteau of the Japanese words gorira (gorilla) and kujira (whale). The scaly skin and weird growths on the back are possibly a result of radiation poisoning.  The mammal theory helps explain Godzilla’s  ‘super size’ since most reptiles don’t get fat.

True or False: Godzilla is immortal

Godzilla can die. The immortality myth comes from an ability to regenerate quickly.

True or False: Godzilla can breathe fire like a dragon

False. Godzilla’s weapon is a radioactive beam.

True or False: Godzilla is just a dumb beast

False. Godzilla uses language to communicate and displays evidence of abstract thought as well as a philosophy of mind.

Why does it matter?

If the US government is intent on provoking a war with Russia we may want to remember that both countries have huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons.  A lot of dust has fallen on those weapons and our memories. The same people who consider Iraqi civilians as little more than ‘bug splat’ have likely forgotten about the horrors the Japanese people had to live through. As long as nuclear weapons exist they remain a dangerous threat to everyone. Godzilla might end up being a silly movie but it is a timely reminder that we all should tread carefully.


14 thoughts on “Godzilla: The SHOCKING Truth

  1. I had to leave the theater. I was so upset when they attacked her. She was protecting her eggs, which leads me to believe she’s more of a dinosaur, since she doesn’t have live births. The film I’m talking about was the older one, not the brand new one, the one before it. Great post. :)


  2. Interesting post. Actually saw the movie last night. Very much enjoyed it too!
    However, your theory Godzilla is a mammal cannot be truth considering it is a theory of your own. My theory would place Godzilla somewhere along a mutation of reptile, amphibian, and fish! The latest Godzilla rendition *spoiler alert caution* will show Godzilla as having gill like appendages at the neck……. clearly demonstrating something of a prehistoric evolutionary factor. Reptiles also do and/or can appear fat. Examples would be iguanas (Godzilla shows certain likenesses to the galapagos marine iguanas who often do appear fat or bloated plus, have charcoal gray coloring: most likely to give them buoyancy when diving) monitors, bearded lizards, beaded lizards, and chameleons can also appear fat. The 90s US Godzilla pretty clearly linked Godzilla to being iguana like + reptilian, and the latest reboot suggests Godzilla could be something along the lines of several species. Regeneration abilities are also something clearly linked to cold blooded creatures as well. 😉
    Of course, this is only my theory so I cannot confirm it as truth either.


  3. Ha! And I thought I remembered Godzilla as gray because I saw the movie in black and white.
    I’ve been to Hiroshima… it’s truly dreadful what happened. I hope the world never forgets.


    1. *gives you the gold star for saying gray*
      Well done!
      You say ‘dreadful’ I used ‘horrors’ but there is no word that really covers it.


    1. I am not sure if I will see it in the near future. hope you can let the rest of us know if it is worth watching. =)


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