Happy Birthday, Buddha.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. –Dalai Lama

buddhaSilly cat story. I was listening to a podcast once of the Dalai Lama speaking and for the first and only time my cat jumped up onto my lap. All the better to hear and be enlightened? Who knows but it did make me wonder. =)

Reminder for self:

Correct view
Correct intention
Correct speech
Correct action
Correct livelihood
Correct effort
Correct mindfulness
Correct concentration


2 thoughts on “Vesak

  1. So your cat is Buddhist? Hmmm – but why only that one lap jump… Perhaps post-enlightenment the cat felt it was no longer responsible for meeting your needs. But wait….that is the attitude of every cat. Or at least all of ours. A mystery indeed.

    I recall when I discovered the pointed spiral “headdresses” featured on certain statues of Buddha were representative of a story of a time snails crept up to shade his head from the sun. I’m not sure if my appreciation for the Buddha increased due to that story but I know it captured my imagination for days.


    1. The ways of cats are mysterious. haha Or maybe not. as long as we worship them I think they feel everything is right with the universe.
      I LOVE that story. Thank you so much for sharing it. wow


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