The Secrets of Food Marketing

Stamp 02As  I watched this little video I actually felt chills. Is Kate Cooper an actress or an actual marketer? Does she really feel such ambivalent contempt for us? No idea. I do know that this video is a nuanced and clever performance. A must see.

Including this clip breaks one of my unwritten rules for this blog but I decided to make an exception.


19 thoughts on “The Secrets of Food Marketing

  1. kate cooper is nothing short of a liar and manipulator which is perfect for the org compassion in world farming who not only do not promote veganism,they claim to not promote the use of animals as food yet they give awards to such corporations as McDonald’s and Chipotle etc who are nothing short of FACTORY FARMING.they are promoters of the humane myth in the worst way.humane exploitation and slaughter is an oxymoron and if you believe the lie then your selfishness BLINDS you to common sense and truth!


    1. Personally, I would love to see the day when everyone would choose to eat a vegan diet. I can appreciate the philosophy of trying to reform or change the way people do business through incentives but awarding McDonalds or Chipotle for baby steps is really hard to take. Thanks for the info.


  2. Reblogged this on Gloria Schiavi and commented:
    Very powerful video, because the speaker first seems to be kind of a “whistleblower” who is really telling her secrets like a reformed criminal. Then, even when you understand that she is not, the story is still powerful, because it tells a true story and touches our consciences


  3. very clever and confronting … an issue for many myself included is that organic is so very very expensive … I know not in terms of our health but one has to have the dosh in their pocket first and I wonder why it is so dear. no pesticides to buy that is a saving- having grown food I cannot fathom the expense except … to think …. is it because it is a ‘ trend ‘ a new fad ??
    my community is developing and good local food is happening but a large part is changing ones diet and not expecting so much availablity.
    but oh those poor poor creatures..


    1. I can’t speak for where you live but the reason regular produc is cheaper in America is because it is subsidized by the government but organic farming is not.

      When you factor in that about a quarter of the people in America receive food assistance (and in my city it is about 75% of all children) something terrible starts to happen when you think those families can’t even choose to buy organic. They are almost always limited to buying the government supported stuff grown with pesticides and human biosolids(manure) which is loaded with heavy metals. Those kids never get a chance for a healthy diet..


  4. Well that was an awesome post. Her quote, “The power of willful ignorance cannot be overstated” is so true. Sadly though, many people just feel helpless and at the mercy of these agri-corporations. After all they control the food. Time to take back our power. I know it is hard to afford organic and ethically farmed food but if everyone bought just one organic product it would help support that farmer. He could then grow and little by little things will change.


  5. I did a little sleuthing on YouTube and this video was produced by Compassion in World Farming, a charity based in the UK promoting the end of factory farming. So yes, it was scripted – they are probably all actors but the points made are quite intentional. As it says on their website “No amount of marketing makes factory farming acceptable.”

    LL: I’ll second that hug – what happened to your sister is unacceptable. Debra: I agree – it is infuriating the limitations placed on WIC and food stamp programs. Our food budgets represent moral choices – I don’t think many people realize that.


  6. I am pretty skeptical of verbiage and advertising. I have the three or less ingredient rule when shopping, no gmo and from a trusted organic source! My youngest sister died 18 mo. ago of Multiple myeloma, a form of leukemia that is in your bone marrow. The main cause in younger people (she was 48 when she died) is pesticides. About that time I was struggling with an immune system break down. That lead me to changing my whole diet and investigating the sources of where my food comes from. We get most of our veggies via a coop that sources it from a local organic farm. And we have a small veg and herb garden here too. We eat very little meat (mostly fish and chicken) and are very careful of the source. And I feel so much better! Shopping consciously is something we can’t ignore anymore. Well actually living consciously! To that end my husband and I only use organic and green products in our landscaping business.


    1. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. ((hugs))

      And even more so to hear that it was unnecessary.

      I honestly don’t know how people in those industries sleep at night when they have to be aware of the suffering they cause.

      I work hard to make sure my family eats clean and healthy food but I am troubled every time I visit the local grocery store. Virtually everyone in line seems to use food stamps and WIC and their choices are limited. They can’t always choose healthy food even when they want to because of all the restrictions. Healthy food ought to be routinely available for all. In the meantime, I do feel like when you and I make good choices we are voting with our money. I hope to goodness we eventually reach a tipping point where all that nasty stuff becomes less commonplace.


  7. My gut reaction, in answer to your questions is this: she’s an actress. I think she actually stumbled a bit in the “secret weapon” part – I got the sense that she was struggling to carry through on the charade.

    Either way, it clearly had an impact on her audience. It further supports my decision to ban factory farmed food from the house.

    Thanks for posting it. I’m glad you broke your unwritten rule.


    1. heh ty
      There was a lot of video editing there showing concerned and disgusted audience members. Is it propaganda? Possibly. Manipulative? Yes. But, I decided to go along and include it because it points to an aspect of the issue that never gets aired or voiced. We actually do have considerable power as consumers. If we say these terrible abuses will no longer be commonplace.


      1. I googled Kate Cooper and found she is connected to a group called Food Matters. If we think that the current rate of animal product consumption (or anything like it) can be sustained on anything BUT factory farms… we are, well, deluding ourselves. Factory farms are not the problem, really, our consumption of animal products is. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of world hunger, water pollution (dead zones are just the beginning), water scarcity, deforestation, desertification, habitat destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, and animal cruelty… this is NOT about factory farming… it is about our consumption of animals and their milk, eggs, skins, fur etc. !7% of the food we feed animals destine for the butcher become food for humans. With that level of unconscionable waste connected to a world population of 7 billion, and an ever growing reliance of animals for food and other uses, we are in deep sh*t. Quite literally.


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