Bad Hair Day

3 inches of rain last night! Wootini. Who has time to groom when there is celebrating to do?

Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day

haha In our case the quality of mercy was not at all restrained. It was a wild thundering party. The cat has only recently emerged from some hiding place under the bed.

In other news:

In the matter of Toxicodendron radicans v Apios americana, the apios is winning. If you are new to the story I have been trying to mitigate a poison ivy problem. My neighbour has a poison ivy vine that tries to creep under the fence with the intention of killing me. Since I don’t have access to the root system to actually eliminate the vine I have decided to try something different. I chose a native plant to take up the space the vine is trying to move into: Apios americana, the native potato.

I planted the apios tubers in a variety of conditions but the one spot where I was hoping it would take off has been the most successful. I chose apios as a competitor because one description mentioned that in the wild they are frequently found growing near poison ivy. In fact, the tubers that are doing the best here are the ones closest to areas where I normally see the poison ivy growing: shady, moist, recently disturbed soil.

The apios is off to a great head start. From the base of this arbor it stretches to 4.5 feet tall at its furthest point. I planted the tubers in mid April. Theoretically, the vine should be fully mature and producing potatoes within three years. Not bad. I haven’t seen any new poison ivy returning to the area so maybe I was lucky and timed everything just right.

to be continued.

apios may
Apios americana (May)

6 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day

  1. First – that duck photo is the best. It keeps drawing me back for another smile. Second – Yay! Potato vines for the win! Sure it is early days yet but as the vine gets such a good head start perhaps the poison ivy cannot compete. Fascinating approach. I suppose the real test will be the long hot days of summer which is most typically when I “find” poison ivy flourishing around our spaces. I’ll be watching for updates.


    1. It is unorthodox and I saw on some forums that many people assume this approach can only fail but I suspect in the right situation it can work. I do plan on sharing progress as time passes. And if it fails I will detail that too since that will be helpful information. When I say it has murderous intents I am not really kidding. After my first brush with poison ivy I actually wound up in urgent care with a very serious secondary infection.


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