Heroic Bird

Heroic Bird of the Soviet Union

My son and I went on a photo expedition for Mother’s Day. I am new to photography but one thing I have learned so far is that when I put a camera between me and the world I become more mindful of my surroundings. So as a gift to myself I asked my son to show me how he sees the world. What draws his attention? What details are worthy of notice? What does the world look like from his point of view? I placed the camera in his capable hands and we set off on a mini-adventure/walk to the pond.

What a fun exercise. He took many interesting shots and saw things I completely missed. When we reviewed the pictures, this one made us both laugh. That tiny bird could be posing for a wartime propaganda poster. My son calls this photo: Heroic Bird of the Soviet Union.

I don’t actually know the scientific name for this bird. Watching it fly (breathtaking!) and seeing that band across the eyes made me think at first that it was a Vaux’s Swift but that seems unlikely. We are a LONG way from the West Coast. A Bank Swallow? Yet, there are no cliffs at the pond. If you happen to know what this bird is I hope you can enlighten me.

10 thoughts on “Heroic Bird

    1. Thanks.It can sometimes be tricky getting to know and understand our sons.
      Photography is a fun hobby and a great excuse to get outside and move. I think I will invite him more often =)


  1. Gorgeous shot! I’m sure you’re proud of your son. The last time I gave my youngest my camera, I had some nice pictures of the television… and a dandelion. :P


  2. What a wonderful idea – to take a walk looking through another’s eyes in that way. Simply lovely! As to the bird? Um, Eastern Phoebe? You know how bad I am with identification trials. Superb photo however – great skill with the camera obviously runs in the family.


    1. Oh. A phoebe is a possibility. I certainly HEAR them all the time. I will pass along the kind words to my son. =)


  3. This looks like a Western Kingbird (Tyrannus verticalis) to me. Not a bad formal name for a Heroic Bird. :)


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