One introduced species everyone seems to welcome.

ladybug on grass



20 thoughts on “Ladybug

  1. A stupendous shot. This is more than point and click – you’ve got a great eye (and steady hands!).

    I grew up being told that seeing a ladybug brings you luck and if they land on you then you get to make a wish. The ladybugs we love are at least beneficial in the garden – the home invading type aren’t (plus they appear in such numbers! creepy!). It is fairly arbitrary what we like (or don’t) I suppose. A lot of cultural ingraining there I guess.


    1. Thanks for the kind words but really all I do is stand there and click the button. =)
      I guess the good thing about those preferences is that if we can learn to like some wild creatures we have a starting point for appreciating other things, too.


  2. I often wonder if it’s something we learn through our culture, to love the ladybirds? I mean, show me an insect with a similar shape but the “wrong” colours and I’m likely to find it creepy, but the ladybird is just so cute. Not fair, is it (I mean to all other insects)! Where I come from (Sweden) we say that when a ladybird sits on you and then flies away, you can make a wish.
    And yes, this photo is fantastic!


    1. Thanks for saying so. When I was a girl in Canada we also thought ladybugs gave wishes. It really is kind of funny how some insects are considered beautiful and acceptable while others are greeted with horror. It must be as you say a learned thing.


  3. They are lovely but since 2004 we have been invaded by the Harlequin Ladybird; Harmonia axyridis which is not such a welcome visitor. They are beautiful with more spots than the domestic ladybird but the are putting our domestic ones in jeopardy. Do you have the Harlequin ladybird in America?


  4. What a perfect picture! They are flying around here…usually I check the car before leaving – so not giving them a ride elsewhere. Worry if you see them clinging on the windshield wipers when driving. Stay here, little Ladybugs!


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