The Lizards are Molting

The lizards are feeling less shy suddenly. Typical. Is molting painful? Can it be the cause of injuries? And why do lizards always look like they are smiling?

You might have to click on the images to see the difference between the shedding skin and the shiny new stuff.

Molting Lizard
Molting Lizard

On his left side it kind of looks like his ear is sore. Hope it isn’t infected or that he isn’t suffering.

lizard with sore
lizard with sore ear

14 thoughts on “The Lizards are Molting

  1. I remember trying to catch lizards as a child. They’re very fast! I think I did catch one or two (don’t worry, I just let them go afterwards, probably completely traumatized for life!) There were always “horny toads” under this giant upside-down cast iron kettle that my grandmother had in her backyard in West Texas. Didn’t want to catch those, but they were fun to watch. I have no idea why the kettle was there. Great photos of this little guy! Hope he didn’t hurt his ear being caught by some inconsiderate kid…


    1. I loved horned toads. That was the first lizard I ever saw and weirdly enough it was in Southern Alberta where I never expected lizards could live. I mean it gets really cold there in the winter. Maybe your grandmother left that kettle there on purpose! i have no problem with kids catching lizards. I think that is one way we get to know and love the creatures around us.


  2. How lovely to have lizards.
    It must be uncomfortable shedding your skin. It doesn’t t just slip off does it? Something to be grateful for that we don’ t have to. Mind you they just lay eggs which seems a very sensible way of having young. Our way is much messier and more uncomfortable. So let’s not waste too much time feeling sorry for the lizard.


  3. We don’t have lizards but we have salamanders, which are like lizards but slimy. I think the lizards are smiling because they are fantasizing about being dinosaurs and eating people.


    1. I love the lizards and they still seem quite exotic to me. Like texasdeb says: little dinosaurs. I would imagine you have a plethora of salamanders since you have so much water?


  4. Awww… ouch! I sure hope that red spot is something simple – I hate-hate-hate ear infections. Your photos are great – you have the best lizard luck. I rarely see anything other than anoles and probably because they are so common here I take them quite for granted. I really enjoy watching them – like tiny dinosaurs!


    1. To get my exercise I usually just walk to my local grocery store when I need to go shopping so I see dozens suntanning on the sidewalks on a regular basis. More like dozens zooming away at light speed from me but I am familiar with their hiding spots =) so I just point my camera to where I think they are headed. They are kind of predictable in their movements. Last week they must have all been sulking … “I just –can’t– be seen in public with my skin looking like this!”


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