Giant Spider Attack

Shelob in Mueller Park

Walking along, minding my own business, half-thinking of getting exotic grackle pictures for the Europeans ….

When presently! Hark. Is that a giant spider?


EEEP! OMG It is coming right AT me.

spider7Run! it is getting closer!


I am slain

spider4Lucky for me she just stood there looking menacing. I think she was only trying to protect her little babies. Whew.

(23 feet tall. Arachnophilia was sculpted by Dixie Friend Gay) link here to learn more about her.


8 thoughts on “Giant Spider Attack

    1. Oh, I hope not! but that makes me wonder if that is the reason it is tucked into a little used part of the park hmmm….


  1. A No Climbing sign? That would make me really want to climb it. But how could you climb it? Without suction pads on your shoes I don’t see how it’s possible. Maybe with ropes?


  2. Holy cow. As your shots kept getting closer I was thinking “oh no! – and she’s going to have babies!!”. That is way too bad she isn’t available for climbing, because you’re spot on – that would make her the best giant spider ever. Just think of the view up there!


    1. You would easily see not only the UT tower but the Frost tower, too. I -think- a person might get a glimpse of the capitol. OH! now I am sorely tempted …..


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