W is for Wanted



10 thoughts on “W is for Wanted

  1. I like the little suckers. We have red squirrels and one of them likes to read my dogs the riot act almost every day from his safe tree perch. I wish I could understand what he’s saying. Pretty funny.


    1. My cat and a fox squirrel eventually made a truce one summer. I’d often see the cat napping under a shrubbery with the squirrel happily eating acorns or whatever right next to her. Both seemed surprised when I would intrude. haha


        1. A friend and I were joking about that kind of ingratitude. We worked so hard on mass milkweed plantings. It was a hot and hard day’s work. well a couple of weeks ago I passed by the site and saw about 36 mourning doves poking their beaks through the coir mats — presumably to eat the very expensive seeds. As if we don’t already fill their feeders every morning. grrr haha


  2. This reminds me of the day I stopped quickly for a squirrel and almost put my grandfather out the windshield. Boy was he mad at me because it was a squirrel. I brake for all animals!


  3. W is for Well Warned. I confess a love-hate relationship with the squirrels that live in our tallest trees. They’ve made a total mess of our guttering in places, killed branches in our oaks, they steal every kind of birdseed I put out except for nyger. In spite of all that it would feel empty outside without them fussing, chasing each other, burying acorns in plant pots and stretching out by the birdbath on our hottest days. None of them deserve to die under the tires of a car or truck, that’s for sure.


    1. I figure as fellow mammals we ought to stand by each other. Road kill on residential streets is really avoidable and what can happen to squirrels can happen to kids.


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