V is for Violet

R.I.P. Blue Violet

blue violet
blue violet

Last year’s brilliant idea. Nice while it briefly lasted. (sob) ahem. Moving along …


April smells like honeysuckle. The scent likes to play tricks. I can stuff my nose right into a blossom and smell nothing or turn a corner and walk right into a tsunami of fragrance. The honeysuckle is just starting to be replaced by confederate jasmine which I think might also be a mind altering fragrance.

Some flower colors seen this month (native and not)

and so much more … May night salvia, autumn sage, bearded iris, Siberian iris, lavender, wild carrot, rain lily, winecup, poppies, Brazos penstemon, purple prairie verbena, blue bonnets, gaillardia …

I tell my family that the best times to visit are the two springs of Texas: April or October. Pretty soon the lush greens will fade from exhaustion allowing the tougher grey plants to muscle into our attention. Summer is coming. Morning sunlight will lose its gentle glow and become fierce white. That’s when the punks with their spikes and bristles and waxy clothes come out to play.


14 thoughts on “V is for Violet

  1. I love the smell of honeysuckle. I’m from Texas. My husband is from Michigan. Before we met, he didn’t even know what honeysuckle was!


    1. Really? I figured everyone knew about honeysuckle. It is even considered invasive in some places. Even so, I just love it.


    1. Won’t be long. The anticipation is one of the best things about spring. I love going outside and looking for any sign of life and growth.


  2. delightful and odd to hear about the fragrances of spring as we move firmly into autumn –
    as winter comes on I will enjoy the heady whiff of daphne in my garden.


  3. Is that a note I see you passing? Who (what?) is X!? Ladies, maybe you’d like to share that with the entire class!?!? : )

    I do love honeysuckle. And oh, that jasmine. Mmmmm. I used to invite folks for wildflower viewing but the timing is so fussy. One week this way or the other and you miss most of the show. You are kind to warn visitors away from June, July and August. I tell friends who haven’t experienced the death star during the summer months to wait until October. “Hawaii weather” we call it.


  4. April smells of Lilac here this year. The fragrance is a bit like Proust’s madeleine, it takes you straight back to childhood.
    I am intrigued to find out what you are going to do for x.


    1. oh my gosh. Lilac! Where I grew up we had a lilac tree and I could just sit outside all day to drink in the scent. I have a plan for x but the subject has not been cooperating!


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