Desert Bluebells

Not native to Texas but people from California might recognize this little flower:

desert bluebell3Last October I tried winter sowing some red field poppies. They all washed away during the Halloween flood. So this spring when I saw a package of desert bluebells I couldn’t help myself.  I sprinkled them out onto the ground and pretty much forgot about them. Thank you universe for today’s nice surprise. =)

desert bluebell4


10 thoughts on “Desert Bluebells

  1. How pretty! Flowers are one of the best parts of spring. In my yard, I have a huge lilac growing up into the branches of a crabapple tree. They will bloom together and make the most amazing scent!


  2. Wowser! What a lovely surprise. I’d never heard of these (or seen them either). Simply spectacular – such a lovely deep blue. Will they reseed do you think?


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