This Just In (News Flash)

The first mulberries have begun to ripen. mmm Excuse me while I go glare at the mockingbirds trying to eat them all.

mmm mulberries

14 thoughts on “This Just In (News Flash)

  1. We had this mass of mulberry bushes growing along side the old shed in the first paddock when I was young. My sister and I as well as our friends would conduct an early version of paint ball using sling shots and mulberries – rather than the War of the Roses it was the War of the Mulberries. Needless to say our parents were NOT amused as they stain clothes [and skin] quite badly. So we used to keep a set of our old clothes in the shed and change when it was time for battle. It was a mixture of tiggy, hide and seek and paint ball [although we didn’t know about paint ball then of course].


    1. Oh! I am laughing aloud imagining the fun. In my mind’s eye I kind of see that festival in India where they throw the paint.


      1. Imagine a whole bunch of Aussie kids running around the paddock scaring the crap out of the horses as be pelted each other with Mulberries – it was a hoot.


    1. They are sweet … a bit like a milder or watered down raspberry or blackberry. It does look like a bumper crop this year so I decided I will make some jam =)


  2. I am following a Mulberry tree in the tree following meme and it has only just begun to get its leaves and there you are with fruit. And mocking birds? How exotic. I always thought that mocking birds were made up by Harper Lee and there you are with real live ones.


    1. Since moving here and becoming acquainted with them I can only agree with her that to kill or even bother a mockingbird would be a most heinous crime.

      My tree is not nearly as old as yours. It was planted by the birds about 5 years ago. =) I call that area of my property the bird garden since they were the ones who created it.


  3. Those berries are beauties. I don’t envy you competing with the mockingbirds. They are on the lookout 24/7 (and I’m not sure how picky they are about ripeness). Good luck!


    1. heh The birds and the squirrels and everyone else who wanders through (including my neighbor’s kids!) are welcome to them really. I just want enough to make some muffins. hahaha


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