O is for Outside

Losing some momentum with the a-z thing so today I am just going to be lazy and let someone else do the real work.

Every so often you hear an amazing interview. Like: it doesn’t tell you about what someone wore while walking the red carpet or try to sell you something. It just documents people talking passionately and politely about things that are of importance to them.

Photo by Rob Casey http://bluemesareview.org/issues/issue-26/a-conversation-with-sherman-alexie/

Today I am going to share a Bill Moyers interview I enjoyed watching. It reminded me of just how skillful Moyers is at drawing out a person’s story. I remember seeing once how in the old days  people used chemicals to develop photographs. An image didn’t look like much to start with but with time more and more detail would get exposed until suddenly the whole picture would be revealed. Magical. I think Moyers does something similar here and that Alexie’s story was definitely worth bringing into the light.

The interview can be found here: On Living Outside Cultural Borders

I found this interview while learning more about how Alexie’s latest book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian recently made the ALA’s controversial books list.


8 thoughts on “O is for Outside

  1. Fascinating – thanks for sharing this. Though I realize you are shining a light on Alexie, I’ll point out that while Bill Moyers may not have been born in Texas, he was raised here and I think most consider him a “native son”. I’m a huge fan – Moyers is a natural storyteller with a passion for justice, and as such always does manage to coax out the most fascinating stories from the folks he interviews.


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