N is for the NSA

First we found out the NSA has been monitoring our phone calls and online activities. Then we discovered corporations accountable only to their stockholders were allowed to sift through our data. Finally, we learned that the people in charge of the world’s “security” deliberately use online techniques to make bad things happen in the real world.

I am afraid the situation is even worse than you think.

Breaking News:

The NSA is also responsible for the random banana peels strewn across my neighborhood! Meet Agent X …

agent x

When Agent X was assigned to break up the tiny monkey gang he deliberately placed bananas on sidewalks as a kind of honey trap. When Exupery and his gang saw through the trick and walked on by, Agent X randomly placed banana peels on sidewalks as a twisted campaign to discredit the tiny monkeys’ reputations. Tricksy. Even I leapt to that erroneous conclusion! Sorry, Exupery.

Destroying reputations is one thing; creating a public health menace quite another. Several children use that sidewalk on their way to and from school. Someone could have gotten hurt! Agent X had to be stopped. After long hours of debate, we at Under the Pecan Leaves decided to publish his picture. We draw the line at the health and safety of our kids.

And so passes the career of Agent X.

Don’t ask how we obtained this information. I will protect the whistleblower to my death if need be.


15 thoughts on “N is for the NSA

    1. Channeling the spirit of Mark Twain: Against the assault of laughter not even the NSA can stand.
      Nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more of your words in that Magic Bag you have. =D


  1. And so we stand and salute as another patriot steps up and accepts the challenges of living authentically in our technologically tricky times. Hats off, UTPL. Long live exonerated Exupery!


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