J is for the League of Justness

035Ok. So Exupery dropped by for another visit. I asked everyone’s pressing question: Was he named after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry?

Answer: Not exactly. His parents speak Tiny Monkey. English is their second language. They originally intended to name him Exuberant but when they learned about Saint-Exupéry they were happy to pretend that is what they meant all along.

He brought along some friends. They call themselves The League of Justness. They were mostly well behaved other than one small misunderstanding involving some crème de banane. Don’t worry, Beauregard. You will feel better tomorrow.

justness league
Exupery and the League of Justness

They look so young and earnest.

Françoise immersed in a volume of Canadian poetry
Ernestine teaching Gordon and Mouse how to use Linux
unknown and beauregard go shopping
Frederick and Beauregard sneaking into my shopping bag.

Exupery and friends are members of a clandestine press unit of the underground monkey resistance.

They surf the web looking for trolls and disinformation campaigns. Whenever you hear the voice of reason or when someone offers facts or resources about an issue instead of hate or vitriol it is possible that one of his gang members may be responsible.

It is really impressive to watch them in action. Since they only have mitten hands when they want to type they have to jump from one key to the next. The result is beautiful: a poetry of motion … like figure skating … only better.



10 thoughts on “J is for the League of Justness

  1. Jumpin’ Jehosophat those are the cutest monkeys ever. And so many of them. I’d wondered if Exupery ever got lonesome. I see now he is in good and plentiful company. But then you need a crowd to support a full-on resistance movement. I feel much safer online knowing the League of Justness is watching over us (and think I’ll keep some banana bread handy in case any come to call!).


    1. I am no expert, yet. (Delusions of grandeur, yes.) But from what I have discovered they really seem to go for cookies.


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