F is also for First Firefly of the Year

Well I think it might be. I spotted it on a cilantro flower bud. Sorry for the poor image quality.


It has that line like a sunflower seed down the middle of the back that fireflies usually have but there wasn’t a clear yellow border around the red of the thorax. And it was tiny — whorl on fingerprint tiny. Maybe some kind of soldier beetle? Maybe it just isn’t mature? It showed no fear of me at all.







10 thoughts on “F is also for First Firefly of the Year

  1. Is that a firefly? I have never seen one and never imagined them to look all beetley-like. I guess I was/am naive and the first pictures I saw of them as a kid impacted my vision of them as cute lil’ buggies with tiny lightbulb butts!


  2. Pish tosh – your images are outstanding. If that isn’t a firefly it might be a soldier beetle which is beneficial in helping hold down grasshoppers and aphids (and by holding down I mean eating). Whether or not it ends up lighting up your nights that is a welcome sight! (and yes I am smiling at the irony of my presuming to “help identify” anything!)


    1. it probably is one. We usually have a lot floating around at twilight. I was mostly surprised because it was so tiny.


  3. We do have fireflies. I agree: they are like magical beings. =D
    I was kind of surprised to see this one (assuming that is what it is) during the day.


  4. Do you have fireflies? How magical. I have seen them only once in Martinique and it was a wonderful sight. I shall never forget seeing the rainforest alive with little flashing lights.


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