F is for Froggies


Happiest frogs in the universe. And no need for little purple or orange pills … one of the benefits of a clean lifestyle I suppose.

I wish I knew what happened to the real frogs on our property. When we moved here in 2002 there used to be lots of tiny tree frogs zipping around. So many that I walked carefully to avoid stepping on them. I don’t know when they started to decline but for sure I haven’t seen them since the peak of the drought (assuming it has peaked).

I probably am partly responsible for their decline. When we first moved here I went on a snail rampage. A pogrom. Each morning just as the sun was rising I would go outside with a bucket to collect snails. I fed some to the birds; crushed the rest. Billions and billions of them. Like snuffing out all the stars in Carl Sagan’s universe. Within the span of one summer I pretty much eliminated them but maybe I helped to eliminate the tree frogs, too.

Yes, I do feel guilty about this.




6 thoughts on “F is for Froggies

  1. F is for forgiveness: Don’t feel guilty – not for killing snails at least…

    I never really see our tree frogs – just hear them at night (but usually later in the year). I’m guessing the drought in combination with the freeze must have been hard on them but we are about to have such a bug explosion in these parts if there are even two frogs left I’m betting they’ll be baa-ack!


    1. aw. ty, Deb.
      It has been years since I’ve seen any on the property but we live very close to a creek. I think it probably wouldn’t take much effort to get them reintroduced. But it did give me something to think about. If it only took me one summer to clear out the snails which were a plague it kind of shows just how much of a ‘footprint’ we leave behind even unintentionally. It is hard to know where to find the balance.


  2. We don’t have tree frogs here but we used to get loads of common or garden frogs. The ponds were always full of frogspawn. They have all gone. I don’t collect up snails in buckets. I don’t use chemicals in the garden. I wish I knew why they have just disappeared.


  3. I never liked snails, not to even look at them; they gave me the shivers… Yuk! I really haven’t outgrown my dislike of them, but I haven’t killed any more. Now I feel guilty… But I don’t know if the decline in frogs was because of the decline in snails. The decline in several species of nature has been dramatic, because of climatic change, for one. I love the frogs in your photo. They remind me of the ones I gave to my mother. :D


    1. They (the frogs) normally hang out in the bathroom. I was surprised to see them out them — almost like they were posing for a commercial or something. haha.

      Frogs eat snails so I am pretty sure I contributed to their disappearance here. I am hoping I can find a better balance. I don;t actually have a problem with snails in general but when we moved here they were out of control.


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