E is for Exupery Comes to Tea

I finally tracked that tiny monkey down. He lives in the woods at Willowbrook Reach. His name is Exupery.

exupery the spy
Exupery the Monkey

He doesn’t say much. Well, anything at all actually. I think he may be mute but we did manage somehow to communicate. If you look closely you can see one of his damaged vocal cords. A feral cat attack?

He denies responsibility for the scattered banana peels.

I invited him over for tea and biscuits. Did you know monkeys prefer rooiboos tea? He tore into the biscuits. I think he is hungry. He does look a bit thin. Next time I see him I’ll make a nice custard.


exupery head
Exupery offers to pour


pouring tea2
Sooo heavy for little arms
saddest monkey
exupery comes to tea
Calm again

45 thoughts on “E is for Exupery Comes to Tea

    1. =D
      They were hard to find. Unlike Jane Goodall I didn’t even know where to begin but I caught a break one day down by the stream. Good luck.


  1. I see Lillian has already asked the first question that came to mind. But can he answer back, what with his damaged throat?

    (Utterly delighted by the quirkiness)


    1. Thanks. Love your battling animal titans. Sort of like a mother goose of pit fighting Pokemon — only better. And with rhymes!


  2. Awwww. Exupery is exceptional! You have just the right touch for monkey soothing.Filing away that tidbit about the Rooibos for future reference as needed. The mystery of the banana peels deepens….


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