B is for Beware

letter b


Frequently, when I walk around the neighborhood I see banana peels on the sidewalk.

I usually just ignore them as I feel there are worse forms of pollution. Of course readers versed in history know banana peels were not always considered so benign. In the 19th century banana peels were considered a grave public health menace. It must be true; I read it on the internet.

Today I nearly slipped on this particular banana peel until my mom senses alerted me to the threat. I felt a prickling sensation of danger, almost as if I were being watched. I turned back to see someone WAS peering at me from the bushes.

Banana Peel

It was a tiny monkey! What is this: planet of the apes? Are the banana peels I see scattered all over the place supposed to be some kind of trap and not leftover after-school snacks wantonly tossed? He disappeared before I had a chance to question him but I did manage to capture the super-villain on camera.

exupery the spy2I’m going to track that monkey down. He has some EXPLAINING to do.




Edit: Apparently, banana peels are welcomed by many gardeners as a source of potassium and/or worm food. They also repel aphids!

Sastpierre of Hamilton, Ontario says, “Last year, my rose bush almost died. It wasn’t doing well at all. This year with the bananas, my rose bush is back in full flower and looks healthy.”

You read that endorsement here on the internet. It must be true.


26 thoughts on “B is for Beware

    1. Oh, thank you. Likewise. =) I love your blog: you really know how to talk about the important things like family and love.


    1. Thanks for the compliment and dropping by. I am looking forward to visiting your blog.

      I have been shifting away from using the compost bin actually. I still have one and a worm bin too but I have read a few articles that suggest it is better to place kitchen scraps into the soil so the nutrients aren’t lost. I am still mostly in the research phase …


  1. I eat a banana every day just so that I have the skin for my compost heap. As you say a wonderful source of pottasium.
    What happened to your little bee?


    1. I love bananas. =)

      I saw your peony picture and I am filled with jealousy. heh Hope you will show us what it looks like when it blooms.

      I haven’t run into any bees today but I did see an eight spotted forester moth on the honeysuckle vine. Hope it lived. I was spraying a vinegar solution on the leaves to control some mildew when all of a sudden if fluttered from a hidden spot. oops. I was surprised because I figured they would be gone by now.


  2. B is for Bravo!
    I’m with you – that monkey looks like he is definitely up to something. (I put our banana peels into the compost pile – no worries about slip-sliding that way.)


    1. =D What kind of ‘person’ just wastes a peel when there are hungry worms?
      I wonder if i should create a local public service announcement to warn people of the danger.


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