Day 28

I’ve only just rushed in from the field with the most amazing discovery. No, I have NOT found any chimps. Still no North-West passage.


Current Conditions:
Temperature: 18 degrees Celsius
Humidity 97% fog/light mist (perfect for the recently planted specimens! ty universe)
Wind Speed: Vrbl 3 mph
Position: Approx Lat: 30.32°N Lon: 97.77°W Elev: 621ft.

Figure 1

I found the object (Figure 1) on the bank of Boggy Creek. Is it a seed? If so, it is rather large, just longer than my foot and about as wide as a coconut. It is quite light weight, perhaps hollow. The surface is scabrous with a kind of warty texture.

It looks a bit like the egg for a colossal whip worm. Let us hope it is not extraterrestrial in origin. If I fail to report again assume the Triffids have arrived.


5 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. Good spot. I believe that may be the spoor of a local species, Longhornensis Loudensia. They are mostly around during the Fall months according to sources so finding that in March is pretty unusual. Well done!


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