February’s Flowers

Pecan trees do not play well with others. One plant that seems tough enough to share the space is a quince planted by a previous owner. The blossoms precede leaves and seem to float in the air.


Quince flowers are one of the earliest signs of true spring around here. I saw the first tentative blossoms a couple of weeks ago. They looked a bit  awkward — arriving too early for the party — and unsure of what they should do. Those early arrivals are a most welcome sight though for seeing those first few flowers always  inspires me to get outside. Every day I will check on the progress of those lonely hearts because I know something they don’t:  the party will be a total blowout of color.


Bees love quince too. I love watching them zoom in around the blossoms as if they were gigantic electrons.

veronica georgia blue

I am madly in love with Veronica. Not only is she shade tolerant but she also likes heavy clay soil combined with zero supplemental watering. Pretty much perfect.


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