First Freeze

It is a bit unusual to have overnight freezing temperatures this early in the year so I do not blame this little guy for being unprepared:

monarch sleepover
monarch sleepover

I spotted him munching on milkweed yesterday, apparently completely oblivious of the weather forecast. I felt it was only neighbourly to invite him inside to spend the night. By morning he was eager to return home and as I walked him to the door my husband looked relieved that I wasn’t actually turning our house into a hostel for homeless insects. The National Weather Service promises this monarch caterpillar has at least a week of fair weather to get his pupa together.

The bees weren’t fooled:

Ready for winter

Only two weeks ago the edge of the wax spoke of yin yang energies. Yesterday and just in time, the entrance hole was completely covered. I had to get up pretty early to get this shot. By the time the sun directly touched the box, the entrance became as busy as an international airport during the holidays.

EDIT: This just in. I found out that Monarch Butterflies are WAY tougher than I imagined. Check it out: Cold Tolerance of Immature Monarchs