Death Butterflies: memento mori


Kenneth Dwain Harrelson at en.wikipedia

On my recent trip to the cemetery I saw many butterflies fluttering around appropriately dressed in mourning. I wasn’t able to get any decent photos so I had to borrow this image of a black swallowtail.

I love Halloween. Always have. It is my favourite holiday. But as a culture we’ve kind of de-clawed the meaning of Halloween iconography. Our culture is all about accumulating earthly delights and denying death so we are amused by skeletons, vaguely disturbed by our similarities with zombies and envious of vampires who have it all.

Some of the more devout Christians I’ve met here in Texas have seemed threatened by Halloween. I worked for one principal who banned its celebration at her school. I think she thought it was vaguely sinful or indulgent.

Yet, many religions use death imagery, memento mori, to remind us to be mindful of living a good life. Halloween as a holiday has the potential to be deeply religious or at least respectful of life itself.

Tomorrow the veils between the living and the dead will thin. In case of fear remember the butterfly. Our spirits can always be renewed. I saw these lovely Queen butterflies yesterday:

queen butterfly oct4queen butterfliesqueen butterfly oct2and here is a bee just because it makes me dizzy:

bee and aster oct

The Truth (or something like it) is Out There

Early this morning I think I saw an alien close by this water feature:

Mueller Pond October

Mueller Pond October

It was just after sunrise. I saw something move ahead of me on the path, But of course before I could get my lens cap off, it shuffled off into the grass. I didn’t see its head but I believe it was what paranormal investigators like to call a Grey Alien. At least, that was the overall colour of the being. The skin was thick — kind of like an elephant’s. Actually it looked more like a combo between plate armour and chain mail. Perhaps it is a member of some kind of warrior caste.

My identification MIGHT be mistaken. When I looked up Grey Alien on Wikipedia I could find no mention of any aliens having tails and there most definitely was a tail on this little fellow. It was long and came to a point.

If anyone else saw this being I hope we can compare notes.